ITG GROUP - New-machinery

Your best partners in the sale of new machinery to complement your textile processes.


Weaving Looms

Weave with the highest technology in rapier, air, water and terry looms. Features: high efficiency, excellent stability at high speed, advanced and innovative electrical control.


Warping machines

Get to know our offer of direct and sectional warping machines for different types of yarns. We adapt our offers according to the needs of our customers.


Sizing Machines

Suitable for gumming cotton, polyester-cotton yarn, blended fiber. The machines can be designed according to customer requirements


Label cutting and folding machines

Discover our versatile models for multifunctional cutting and folding with hot and cold blade cutting with good quality and high speed.


Braiding machines

Expand your textile process and produce shoelace, jacquard lace, safety and sport ropes, steel cables, much more. Complement your process with our accessories: lurex and acetate yarn.


High speed automatic needle looms

Complement your production with high-speed webbing looms and produce elastic and non-elastic tapes, laces, zippers and more.


Label Weaving Loom

Produce labels with our ITEMA R9500 loom with high speed electronic Jacquard adapted to meet the highest quality in production.

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